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Physico-chemical Analyzes
Physico-chemical Analyzes


  • pH, viscosity, density, …
  • Dosage of preservatives
  • Dosage of UV filters
  • Dosage of active ingredients
  • Research and dosage of undesirable substances, …
  • Setting up and validation of methods
  • Analysis of raw materials and finished products
  • Support with formulation and during stages of industrial transposition


Stability studies

  • Compatibility studies (interaction container/contents)
  • Stability studies
  • Thermal shock
  • Temperature and relative humidity cycle
  • Photo-stability testing
  • Testing in conditions of accelerated ageing
  • Real time testing
  • Setting up of protocols according to objectives of the study:
  • Conditions of temperature, humidity, light, ...
  • Carrying out of physical, chemical, microbiological, toxicological tests
  • Studies in accordance with ICH standards



  • Choice of analyses, of protocols of compatibility studies and stability studies
  • Setting up of control monographs of raw material and finished products
  • Solving stability problems
  • Assessment of minimum shelf-life of product
  • Assessment of PAO (Period after opening) of product